An interview with Jon Hare on Sociable Soccer, Apple Arcade,

Game developer Jon Hare has had a long and storied career crafting acclaimed games across a great many genres. Best known for his sports titles, he’s now working alongside his team at Tower Studios and Combo Breaker on the newly released Sociable Soccer. Last week at Pocket Gamer Connects London, we sat down to discuss how the […]Read More

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors 2020

PC gamers can enjoy today’s competitive pricing in CPUs, graphics cards and other PC hardware to build a highly capable gaming machine without having to spend a ton of money (unless you want to). We’re glad to report we continue on a builder’s friendly environment and this extends to gaming monitors. You can now get […]Read More

Monster Hunter Riders is an upcoming RPG from Capcom, heading

As reported by Gematsu, Capcom has announced a new Monster Hunter title that will be heading for iOS and Android in Japan later this year. There’s a little confusion as to when it will arrive, however. The App Store description lists the game as being expected for release on 29th February 2020. Meanwhile, the description […]Read More

Metrod Exodus’ Next DLC Arrives February 11

Deep Silver and 4A Games aren’t done telling horror stories in the wasteland. On February 11, you can download a new story expansion for Metro Exodus called Sam’s Story that follows a Spartan Ranger named Sam who just wants to get home to the United States. His journey takes him through the treacherous streets and […]Read More

New Gameplay Today – Legends Of Runeterra

Riot’s new CCG, Legends of Runeterra, has now entered its soft launch, meaning that you can spend cash on it and your progress won’t be wiped. Progress, you say? Dan Tack takes Leo and me on a magical journey showing just what kind of progress we’re talking about. You like strategy and cards? You’re in […]Read More

Kentucky Route Zero Review – A Surreal Road Trip

As Kentucky Route Zero opens, an aging delivery man with a faithful dog by his side pulls his truck into a gas station. The man’s name is Conway, and he needs directions to 5 Dogwood Drive so he can make his final delivery of antique furniture. That’s the game’s narrative frame, but with each passing […]Read More

Human Body-on-Chip platform enables in vitro prediction of drug behaviors

In this graphic, the Wyss Institute’s human Body-on-Chip system is layered on top of Leonardo da Vinci’s ink drawing of the “Vitruvian Man”, which represents ideal human body proportions. The researchers used a computational scaling method to translate data obtained from drug experiments in the human Body-on-Chip to the organ dimensions of the real human […]Read More

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition – “Closure on a decade-spanning

Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero is a game that urges you to listen to and engage in its quietest moments, considering their importance, so that those slightest of events blossom into instant, often forlorn memories of another time gone. It’s a point-and-click adventure that follows delivery driver Conway and his dog, who are attempting to […]Read More