Adorable puzzle game Melbits World available now on iOS

Ever wondered what keeps your devices safe from harm? Well, you’ll soon find out in Melbits World, which was announced for iOS by the folks at Doublethink Games. Melbits World, which launched first for PlayStation 4, puts a fun and adorable spin on real-life technology and how they are protected. Melbits are these little creatures […]Read More

Overhit gets a new SSR character and tons of goodies

NEXON Company announced that Overhit is receiving a fresh new update, which includes some game-changing additions. As you likely know, the game prides itself on giving you the ability to create the perfect team of characters as part of an RPG experience.  To kick things off, the addition of a new SSR character is exciting. […]Read More

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a town management sim for iOS

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an upcoming casual sim game from SuperPlanet that sees players becoming the chief of a ruined town they’ll be tasked to rebuild. It’ll be heading for both iOS and Android on 31st March. The town is also a place for Hunters to live so you will need to create various facilities […]Read More

Anatomy of a Storage Drive: Hard Disk Drives

It’s magnetic. It’s electric. It’s photonic. No, this isn’t going to be about a new superhero trio in the Marvel universe. This is all about our precious digital data. We need to store it somewhere secure and stable, in a way that lets us get hold of it and change it faster than you can […]Read More

Another Eden’s latest update brings the final chapter of the

Following the announcement that Another Eden would be heading to a further 29 countries last week, there’s now some new story content to enjoy. This comes in the form of the final chapter of the IDA School saga. I always enjoy the naming conventions of Another Eden chapters, they’re always so verbose and a tad […]Read More

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video in India

Amazon Prime Video’s movie acquisitions might not have the same international depth as Netflix, but it’s undoubtedly stronger and richer in its local variety, with its titles spanning the Tamil, Telugu, and the Malayalam world of filmmaking in addition to Bollywood. And that’s matched with a powerful collection of American imports, to deliver a collection […]Read More

GAMES OF THE WEEK – The 5 best new games

Hello again and welcome to the latest entry in our long-running GAMES OF THE WEEK series. If you’re looking for the best 5 games which have hit the iPhone, iPad or Android stores this week then you’ve landed yourself at the exact right place at just the right time. With this article, we skirt around […]Read More

Eli Roth Set To Direct Borderlands Movie

Borderlands is coming to a movie theater near you, and it has some big names attached to it. The upcoming film, which Lionsgate teased five years ago, will be directed by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel). It’s based on a script from Craig Mazin, the writer behind The Hangover Part II and HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries. Gearbox […]Read More

Deadpool Joins Fortnite For Spy-Themed Next Season

The latest season of Fortnite has started, and the spy-themed Top Secret backdrop for battle royale includes ways to change the island permanently. Players choose sides and complete missions as part of the Ghost or Shadow sides. The Battle Pass contains agents such as Meowscles, skin-changing Maya, Marvel’s Deadpool, and others, and you’ll complete weekly missions for […]Read More

Epic Card Game, White Wizard Games’ TCG, is now available

Epic Card Game is a digital version of Epic, which is – you guessed it – a card game. It was originally created by Hall of Fame Magic: The Gathering players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. Now their game is available for both iOS and Android. You might groan at the thought of another digital […]Read More