Rose and Camellia is Slap Kings with added class warfare

Part of the joy of writing about mobile games is not knowing what on Earth’s going to land in your inbox next. I’ve seen lots of weird and wild ideas in my brief time writing for Pocket Gamer, but then something like Rose and Camellia comes along and reminds me that I know nothing of […]Read More

Working From Home? Here’s How to Work Out From Home

Working out at home is a big challenge for those of us who don’t have much space or time to exercise. Now that many of us are working from home, it’s become an even bigger challenge to exercise. Thankfully there are plenty of great apps that help you get the exercise the body needs, and […]Read More

Realme 6 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro: Which Phone

In our recent comparison of the Redmi Note 9 Pro (Review) and the Realme 6 (Review), we found that the latter offered better value and performance in most areas, compared to Xiaomi’s offering, which made it the best smartphone to buy at Rs. 12,999. However, we’ve been getting a lot of questions of late about which would […]Read More

Why Gears Tactics Might Have What It Takes To Compete

Gears Tactics was announced at E3 2018 alongside Gears 5 and the Funko-branded Gears Pop! It almost seemed like a joke to pull the Gears franchise in so many disparate directions, but the more we’ve seen of Gears Tactics, the less we’re laughing. Not only is Microsoft taking this entry into tactical strategy very seriously, […]Read More

Italy hopes virus is easing but fears new onslaught in

In this March 23, 2020 file photo, coffins are placed on scaffolding in the Crematorium Temple of Piacenza, northern Italy, awaiting cremation due to the coronavirus emergency. Italy is seeing a slight stabilizing in its confirmed coronavirus infections two weeks into the world’s most extreme nationwide shutdown, but the virus is taking its silent spread […]Read More

US has most infections as virus tightens grip on the

Volunteers with the Red Cross sort homemade face masks meant to be sterilized and distributed among people in need in Prague, Czech Republic, Friday, March 27, 2020. In Czech Republic it is mandatory that all people must cover their mouths and noses in public to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. Improvised […]Read More

Marvel Contest of Champions’ latest addition to its ever-growing roster

Following the release of Mole Man earlier this month, Marvel Contest of Champions is back with another addition to its ever-growing roster. This time it’s another villainous character called Terrax the Tamer. Formerly know as Tyros, he once reigned over the city of Lanlak with an iron fist. Galactus was impressed with his brutal approach […]Read More

Pokemon Masters adds two new Sync Pairs from Team Skull

The latest update for Pokemon Masters brings not one but two new Sync Pairs to Pasio. The two trainers are Guzma and Plumeria who are both members of Team Skull, hailing from the Alola region. To coincide with their arrival in the game there’s also a Story Event and Log-in bonus to accompany their release. […]Read More

DDTank Mobile, the Worms-inspired PvP shooter, is giving away huge

DDTank Mobile is a modern multiplayer spin on the classic strategy series Worms that takes the core of those titles and refines it for mobile. While its inspirations are clear, DDTank Mobile also brings its own systems, ideas, and anime style to the table, making it a distinct experience in its own right. Battles here […]Read More

US cases now most in world, US capital sees more

A police officer chases a man who violated the lockdown downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, Friday, March 27, 2020. Police and army started patrolling moments after South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown for 21 days in an effort to mitigate the spread to the coronavirus. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most […]Read More