Five Things To Know About Doom Eternal

In 2016, id Software revived the Doom franchise in spectacular fashion. The action was fast and frantic in all the right ways. The tone was a humorous mix of hardcore heavy metal and Saturday morning cartoons, which felt right. In short, it was the perfect revival for the series. After playing the opening three hours […]Read More

New Gameplay Today – Doom Eternal

There was a time not that long ago that Doom was synonymous with those long-idle, but beloved, franchises that gamers were hoping against hope would return. For fans of id Software’s granddaddy of first-person shooters, that day came in 2016 when the developer finally released its newest entry in the incredibly important series. While not without flaws, […]Read More

Black Desert Mobile’s latest update introduces two new game modes

Pearl Abyss’ popular MMORPG Black Desert Mobile has announced two new additions that will arrive in the game with its latest update. These will be called Siege War and Asula’s Den, with both being available now. Siege War is a new battle mode for Guilds where different groups will be able to battle one another […]Read More

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Review

Today we’re test driving the Radeon RX 5600 XT for the first time since AMD unveiled it at CES 2020. As part of the announcement, we received all the important information we needed: detailed specs covering core count, operating frequency, memory configuration, pricing information and even estimated performance comparing the 5600 XT to competing Nvidia […]Read More

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra tips, cheats – Building your

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra is available right now, and it’s a game of two halves that work together perfectly. In one half, you are raiding the bases of your enemies, preparing a massive conquest to take down all of their tools and supplies for the greater good. On the other hand, you’re building up […]Read More

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra tips, cheats – Important beginner

Extra control I’ve already pointed out the similarities between this G.I. Joe game and Rush Wars, but there is one key difference that happens in battle which changes the pace of the entire game, and that’s how much control you have over your units. While in most games of this type have you place down […]Read More

Shadowgun: War Games beta preview – Strong PVP shooting

The Shadowgun games on mobile have successfully, and repeatedly, raised the bar for what we expect from shooters on mobile. Shadowgun: Legends has successfully reigned supreme as one of the best mobile shooters for years, only recently getting dethroned by the likes of Call of Duty Mobile. Madfinger Games knew they had to return with […]Read More

CES 2020 roundup: All the business tech news you need

CES was more exciting than ever this year. Key topics included 5G, AI, IoT, robotics, Wi-Fi 6, edge computing, automation, blockchain, quantum computing, privacy, AR, and VR. CES 2020: Biggest tech trends spotted for business pros From analytics and AI to 5G and Wi-Fi 6, here’s all the enterprise tech that took center stage at […]Read More

The Sports Desk – Hands-On With AO Tennis 2

Developer Big Ant has just released AO Tennis 2 (on PC via Steam), and the series as a whole has taken a somewhat circuitous route to get to this moment. The first title released in Australia early last year to coincide with the Australian Open (which the franchise has the license for), and required a […]Read More