Exclusive Magic: Legends Gameplay Trailer

We’re kicking off a full month of exclusive coverage with a gameplay trailer you can’t see anywhere else! Check out the video above for your first look at Magic: Legends, coming to PS4, Xbox and PC in 2020. Click the banner below to find our coverage hub, which will fill up throughout the month with exclusive video and […]Read More

New Gameplay Today – Temtem

Crema’s creature-battling MMO Temtem shares a significant amount of common ground with the Pokémon series, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In today’s NGT, Dan Tack gives a tour of the game to Alex Stadnik, Leo Vader, and myself. Dan barely scratches the surface (we don’t see any dungeons or battles against Temtem’s gym-leader […]Read More

The Magic: Legends Digital Issue Is Now Live

Digital subscribers to Game Informer are now able to learn all about Magic: Legends and read about our favorite games from 2019! Following today’s cover reveal, our digital issue is now live to subscribers on web browsers, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Individual issues will be available for purchase later today. You can download the apps to view the […]Read More

The Games We Would Love To See Announced In 2020

It’s the start of a new year and a new decade, and 2020 already feels full of endless possibilities. New consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be hitting this holiday season, and with that comes even more potential for blockbuster game announcements throughout the year. As we kick off the new year, we want to look ahead to the video games we […]Read More

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions Review – A Refreshing Yet Flawed

The SaGa series has built its reputation upon eschewing the RPG template; it’s not just about visiting towns, exploring dungeons, and leveling up. SaGa games take risks and experiment with different approaches to RPG design (with varying degrees of success). Scarlet Grace is one of the franchise’s best entries, with an engaging gameplay loop and […]Read More

Expansion Pass For Pokémon Sword & Shield To Add All-New

Pokémon Sword & Shield have already proven to be massive successes for Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company, giving the franchise its highest-grossing launch of all-time and the Switch its fastest-selling titles yet. With more than six million copies sold worldwide, many trainers have been journeying through the Galar region looking for more to […]Read More

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Coming To Switch In

While the big news coming out of today’s Pokémon Direct presentation is the announcement of the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company also announced an enhanced version of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team for Switch. The spin-off game, which originally released in 2006, is being updated with new visuals […]Read More

More Pokémon From Past Games Coming To Sword & Shield

During today’s Pokémon Direct presentation, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced two new expansions that add new areas to explore and new Pokémon to catch. However, as a part of these big updates, Pokémon Sword & Shield will add several Pokémon from past games that did not initially appear in the games when they launched […]Read More

Iron Man VR Delayed To May

It’s clearly delay season. Following Square Enix dropping the news of delays of its two biggest titles on the immediate horizon in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Avengers earlier this week, CD Projekt Red yesterday announced the delay of perhaps the most anticipated game of the year with Cyberpunk 2077. Now, developer Camouflaj has announced it is […]Read More