Devil Hunter: Eternal War is an MMORPG about angels warring

Devil Hunter: Eternal War, a new MMORPG game by the folks at Century Game is out tomorrow for both iOS and Android gamers whilst it’s currently available in the SEA regions. With it being an MMO, you know it will have a big world for you to explore. The game is about a war between […]Read More

World virus infections top 800,000; Spain sees record deaths

A health worker wearing a face mask to protect from coronavirus, looks out of from a window at a nursing home in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people, but for some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more […]Read More

Top 8 best iOS and Android games of March 2020

1 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG We were completely taken by surprise when this little blast from the past dropped at the beginning of March. Back in 1997, Symphony of the Night formed the ‘vania’ part of the Metroidvania sub genre. And now you can play this ambitious platform-RPG on your […]Read More

Carcassonne is now available for iOS once again, this time

In mid-February TheCodingMonkey’s announced that their iOS version of Carcassonne would be removed from the App Store after their contract with Hans im Glück came to an end. They also mentioned that it would be replaced with Asmodee Digital’s interpretation of the board game, which is now available for iOS. Asmodee Digital is no stranger […]Read More

Top 15 best .io games on Android

1 AXE.IO Publisher: Crescent Moon Games This 3D arena battler sees you chucking axes at your foes as a Viking warrior. is far more fleshed out than your average .io game, with multiple modes and a pronounced progression system. It’s the .io genre all grown up. 2 Publisher: Miniclip Genre: Action, Multiplayer Here’s […]Read More

Video game backgrounds to use in your Zoom calls

Working from home? Tweeting everything you normally do, but now with the hashtag #WFH? Talking to everyone on Zoom, because other video chat clients are unreliable? Yeah, we know that feeling. The Coronavirus has spawned a new revolution of working from home, and Zoom is just one of the apps that is benefiting from all […]Read More

Pokemon Masters cheats, tips – How to beat Battle Villa

There are 3 types of Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters and they all play a role in the Battle Villa, you don’t want to take three damage dealers and assume that will be enough to overwhelm your opponents. It’s important they’re accompanied by tanks, supports and buffers to facilitate what they do best. Strikers A […]Read More

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare With The Community — Game

These days, everyone needs someone to play games with, from a safe distance of course. We at Game Informer are happy to oblige and are hosting another gaming night with the community. As with our Smash Bros. stream, we joined up with members of the GI community and played some intense and silly Call of […]Read More