The Best Movies on Hotstar in India

With over 300 million monthly active users, Hotstar is undoubtedly India’s leading streaming service. But that’s thanks to its endless supply of soap operas from Star India’s bouquet of channels and its heavy investment in sports rights. In the world of movies, Hotstar can’t touch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. (It still doesn’t offer surround […]Read More

Advances in Liver Cancer Research

NCI-funded researchers are working to advance our understanding of how to prevent, detect early, and treat liver cancer in adults and children. They are also looking for biomarkers that can provide information about liver cancer, such as how aggressive it is or whether it is likely to respond to a particular therapy. This page highlights […]Read More

Dish Life: The Game, available now for iOS and Android,

The newly released Dish Life: The Game is described as “part Sims, part Tamagotchi”. It sees you starting out as an undergraduate student, gradually rising through the scientific ranks to become a professor. You’ll do this while helping your colleagues and managing the day-to-day running of your lab. It ultimately aims to showcase the laboratory […]Read More

New Gameplay Today — Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Sometimes, you just have an appetite for nonsensical mayhem. Totally Reliable Delivery Service fills that void and then some, as you and up to three friends can become the world’s worst deliverers. You traverse an open world, drive strange vehicles, and haul packages in the most ridiculous ways. We’re Five Games level designer Brent Boehner joins the show […]Read More

Repulsive, a stylish hoverboarding game from the minds behind Raster

With a name like Repulsive, you’d be forgiven for expecting Punk Labs’ latest to be some nasty, repellent horror game. Quite the opposite, actually: it’s a super promising freeroamer where you’ll perform all manner of boastworthy tricks on a gravity-defying hoverboard. You’ll explore a dystopian playground packed full of opportunities for ludicrous stunts and maybe […]Read More

Singer Grimes Reveals Dark Story For Her Cyberpunk 2077 Character

During a livestream, Canadian singer and songwriter Grimes shared a wild story about her Cyberpunk 2077 character. The archive of the stream has since been removed, but the rough details of what she shared are on Reddit. During the stream, Grimes answered fan questions, and was asked about her role in Cyberpunk 2077. She enthusiastically […]Read More

Owners Of Cyberpunk 2077 On Xbox One Get The Xbox

All too often players can find themselves picking up a game for current gen only to have to repurchase the game on new hardware when it becomes available. Today, CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk 2077 players on Xbox One will get the upgrade to the Series X when it arrives absolutely free. This should […]Read More

Overwatch Ditches A Tank In First Experimental Mode Test

If you are a Competitive mode player and you want to suit up as a DPS hero, you know you have some time to kill, as a match likely won’t be found for five to ten minutes. While it’s nice that Blizzard added the ability to practice or play deathmatch as you wait, the real […]Read More