One Of Rocket League’s Best Modes Returns Today

Heatseeker mode is back for just one week, but we want it to stick around forever. Starting today and running through May 26, we suggest you get in as much of Heatseeker as you can before it disappears again. In this brilliant variation of Rocket League’s 3v3 play, the ball automatically seeks the net and […]Read More

An Exclusive Look At Cetrion And Kotal Kahn’s New Friendships

When Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath was revealed earlier this month, developer NetherRealm Studios surprised everyone with the return of Friendships. This goofy way to end bloody battles, which debuted in Mortal Kombat II, stands in stark contrast to the monstrous mutilation that takes place with Fatalities and Brutalities. In other videos, we’ve seen Kano fire up a barbecue, […]Read More

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Golden Edition is

Oceanhorn 2, Cornfox and Bros’ hugely popular adventure game, is set to receive a sizable overhaul with the release of its Golden Edition update. This, according to the developer, is the game’s biggest update yet, and we’ve got a full rundown of everything it’s set to introduce. There are many noteworthy additions and improvements to […]Read More

App Army Assemble: Surviving Titan – Is this a survival

Surviving Titan is the latest game to be created by Myles Panayiotis who previously made Amethlion. It’s a survival game where players will find themselves stranded on the titular planet Titan after their escape pod crash-landed on it. We decided to send our App Army to the aforementioned planet to see if they could survive […]Read More

Life after lockdown: Your office job will never be the

Reworking work: When you return to the office everything will look very different, and that’s just the beginning of a set of changes to how and why we work in offices. This article was originally published on sister site ZDNet. Peter van Woerkum has spent the past few weeks working in, and fine-tuning, what could […]Read More

Onmyoji Arena is set to have a collaborative event featuring

NetEase Games has announced that there will be a series of collaborative events heading to Onmyoji Arena. This will see the game get some new content featuring the Japanese mascot Kumamon, a team-up with Chinese RPG Card game Legend of the Fantasy Sprites and confirmation for this year’s Fireworks Festival. What exactly will happen when […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake Creators Answer Our Questions About Summons,

From its original announcement at E3 2015 to its release last month, Final Fantasy VII Remake was the focus of intense excitement and anticipation. Though fan expectations for the project were extremely high, the team at Square Enix delivered. Final Fantasy VII Remake delighted players by delivering an RPG that paid homage to its classic […]Read More

How long can viruses survive in a dead body?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain People have a lot of questions about viruses right now. Some of those questions involve what happens to viruses in the remains of humans or animals. For example, could people get sick from digging up decades-old bodies? Or could future scientists get more information about COVID-19 by examining human remains a […]Read More

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition launches for iOS and

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition has just appeared for purchase on Google Play following today’s Danganronpa anniversary livestream. It’s a premium title priced at £17.49 or your regional equivalent, and it’s said to offer a completely reworked control scheme and UI, making touchscreen gameplay smoother than ever before. PG alum Matthew Diener reviewed Trigger […]Read More