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Nier Reincarnation is an all-new Nier game built from the

Nier Reincarnation (or Re[in]carnation) is an all-new mobile game that was just announced by Square Enix during Nier’s 10th anniversary celebration. Details currently couldn’t be lighter, so what can we work out from the game’s brief teaser trailer and barebones site? Well, first off, Reincarnation is likely to be a free-to-play title. As pointed out […]Read More

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition is a JRPG that wants players

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition is a JRPG from Stegosoft Games that aims to emulate the 16-bit era of the genre. It started life as an RPG Maker game quite sometime before the Enhanced version was released on PC back in 2016. Now, it’s available for both iOS and Android. Compared to the original game the […]Read More

Skullgirls Mobile, the popular fighter for iOS and Android, finally

Skullgirls Mobile is finally getting that new character that was teased in February by Hidden Variable. Fukua now joins the fray and brings her hair slinging abilities with her.  As you may know, Skullgirls is also a popular game on consoles as well. When they released the game for iOS and Android, they wanted to […]Read More

Reflex Unit 2 is an action game with fast-paced mech

Reflex Unit 2 is an action game from Robosaru Games where you’ll act as a commander who has control over a variety of futuristic mechs that have been deployed to quell a deadly robotic invasion. It’s available now for both iOS and Android. The game is played from a fairly unique perspective that gives the […]Read More

Bleach: Immortal Soul, a turn-based RPG adaptation of the hit

Bleach: Immortal Soul is a turn-based RPG adaptation of the hit anime series that takes you through some of the biggest moments in the Bleach storyline. It’s aiming to be as authentic as possible by including the score and voice acting from the anime. The big news today is that it’s finally out for iOS […]Read More

GAMES OF THE WEEK – The 5 best new games

It’s that time again! Time for another entry into our long-running GAMES OF THE WEEK series. If you’re looking for the best 5 games which have hit the iPhone, iPad or Android stores this week then you’ve landed yourself at the exact right place at just the right time. With this article, we skirt around […]Read More

Nexon’s latest game, Kartrider Rush+, is launching soon for iOS

Nexon has announced its latest project, and it’s one that should be a treat for you if you’ve ever played Kartrider Rush on mobile. Kartrider Rush+ will be making its way to your screens this year, and there’s already a teaser video out there to satisfy your appetite. One of the big improvements from the […]Read More

Missile Command: Recharged, the re-imagining of the arcade classic, is

Missile Command: Recharge first appeared on our radars when it was first announced around three weeks ago. It’s a collaborative effort between developer Nickervision Studios and Atari. It’s also available right now for both iOS and Android. It’s a re-imagining or ‘recharged’ version of the classic arcade title Missile Command, with this new spin on […]Read More