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GI Show — Outriders Exclusive, Anthem, Mega Community Emails

Welcome to the newest episode of The Game Informer Show aka the Leocast! This week, Leo Vader takes the reins and is joined by Jeff Cork, Joe Juba, and I to chat about why the new third-person shooter Outriders had them buzzing after visiting People Can Fly’s studio in Poland. After dissecting Outrider’s gaming goodness, we […]Read More

BioWare Commits To ‘Longer-Term Redesign’ Of Anthem

One of the biggest flops of 2019 was BioWare’s living sci-fi game Anthem. While it received middling review scores based on the content available at launch, it quickly became apparent the development team did not have sufficient long-term content or gameplay-evolution plans in place to sustain a dedicated community the way a living game needs […]Read More