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App Army Assemble: Spirits of Anglerwood Forest – Should you

Spirits of Anglerwood Forest a narrative-driven adventure game where you’ll be investigating the mystery of the titular Anglerwood Forest. We decided to send our App Army into those woods to see if they could uncover the truth behind it all. Here’s what they said: Michael Purdy I’m sorry to say this game really bored me. […]Read More

Rebel Cops opens for pre-order on Google Play and the

Rebel Cops is coming to an iOS and Android device near you soon, and you can get a little taste of it early now that it’s opened for pre-registration/pre-order.  Developer HandGames also created This is the Police, which is a popular strategy game that I’m sure you’ve seen before. Rebel Cops puts a vigilante spin […]Read More

App Army Assemble: Hidden Through Time – Is this the

Hidden Through Time is an adorable looking hidden object game. As the name implies, you’ll be on the hunt for various objects that have been scattered across different periods in history. Sounds like a job for more than one person, so we enlisted the help of our App Army to see what they could discover.  […]Read More

Starbucks is entering into the world of mobile gaming with

Starbucks has decided to give you a controller to go along with your frappuccino the next time you order. OK, they aren’t doing that, but they are heading into the world of mobile gaming with their new title, Starland.  The game has an augmented reality (AR) focus, so get ready to be on the move […]Read More

Playond subscription service disappears from the App Store, its entire

Update We’ve now received confirmation that Playond is indeed closing its doors. Its games will soon be returned to their original developer/publisher’s account.  Original story Playond, Bending Spoons’ game subscription service, has disappeared from the App Store, its official site is suffering from technical issues, and the majority of its library has suddenly become free […]Read More

App Army Assemble: Labyrinth Legend – Is this ARPG a

Labyrinth Legend is a retro-styled action RPG from indie developer Sasuke Shimoyama. It involves a tonne of dungeon crawling and a whole lot of looting. We decided to send our App Army into its procedurally generated labyrinths to see how they found it. Here’s what they said: Eric Lee Labyrinth Legend is a fun little […]Read More

Running Away is a choice-based narrative game for iOS and

Running Away is an upcoming narrative-driven game from Swedish developer Sleeper Cell that will be available for iOS and Android on 12th March. It’s set to be the first in a series of bite-sized stories from the indie team. Running Away tells a tale of two brothers who have become somewhat estranged being reunited after […]Read More

Plague Inc. Removed From China’s App Store

Plague Inc. is a game that pushes players to try to annihilate all life with an evolving pathogen. The game was released on mobile devices in 2012 and has been played by more than 130 million people, but has recently been pulled from China’s digital stores during the coronavirus outbreak. Ndemic Creations, the studio behind […]Read More

App Army Assemble: Book of Demons: Tablet Edition – Does

Book of Demons is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, in the Diablo mould. Campbell Bird absolutely loved the game when he reviewed it for our sister site 148 Apps. So we got our App Army to play the game and see if they agreed. Here’s what they said: Robert Maines (iPad Pro) Not to beat […]Read More