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How to play Charrua Soccer with friends on Mac, iPad,

Charrua Soccer recently got added to the ever-growing list of Apple Arcade games, which should be great news for football fans. Charrua Soccer offers a simple, yet incredibly enjoyable game of football which should satisfy those looking for a mobile Fifa to take with them wherever they go. The best news about Charrua Soccer is […]Read More

Charrua Soccer is a cute, retro football game available now

BATOVI Games Studio’s Charrua Soccer is the latest title to hit Apple Arcade. It’s a fast-paced football game inspired by South America’s Charrúa people who, 500 years ago, were a fierce and unrelenting warrior tribe of Uruguayan, Argentinian, and Brazilian descent. “Today, the term “Garra Charrua” captures their spirit of bravery, determination, and strength, and […]Read More