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Pokemon Masters cheats, tips – How to beat Battle Villa

There are 3 types of Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters and they all play a role in the Battle Villa, you don’t want to take three damage dealers and assume that will be enough to overwhelm your opponents. It’s important they’re accompanied by tanks, supports and buffers to facilitate what they do best. Strikers A […]Read More

Best builds for the early and late game: Seven Deadly

1 Early game tactics The fact is, the early game should be pretty easy for you, and your early tactics should basically be all about damage. Pull out big Area of Effect characters and attacks to take down waves of enemies with speed. Let’s face it, you don’t really need advice for how to smash […]Read More

Beginner tips to kill zombies: Plants VS Zombies 3 tips,

1 Range at the back This is the first basic piece of advice you should heed in any Plants VS Zombies game. Take your ranged attackers, and stick them at the back of the field. Or the left side, in this case. Zombies will approach from the right, and ranged attacks should be on the […]Read More

How to earn gems and fast! – Dragon Quest of

1 Importance of gems and draws Gems are the premium currency in Dragon Quest of the Stars, and their primary use will be in draws. You will use them to draw new weapons and equipment to help you progress through the game. A single draw costs 300 gems, while 10-draws will cost 3000, with a […]Read More

Beginner tips to shred through the snow – Summer Catchers

1 Dashing through the snow This is essentially an auto-runner, your bike will dash through the snow at a fairly quick speed, and you’ll activate your tools in order to avoid and protect from a variety of obstacles. Simple stuff, really. As you travel you’ll pick up mushrooms automatically, which is great, as you’ll need […]Read More

Battle League Basic VS Premium Rewards, details – Pokémon GO

The cost Right, here’s big thing. The Basic Rewards allow you to battle completely free, and you can slay some opponents and come away with a bunch of free stuff for each win you get out of five. There are a big variety of rewards, including… Rare Candy Stardust Pokémon encounter TMs Random items The […]Read More

Every character explained – Shadowgun War Games cheats, tips

Slade Slade is a consistent, excellent starter character that should mop up enemies in Team Deathmatch, and can come out on top in pretty much any 1v1 situation, as long as you play your cards right. Slade doesn’t have the highest damage output thanks to his weapons, but his grenade ability allows you to put […]Read More

Essential TDM tips to win – Shadowgun War Games cheats,

Shadowgun War Games has finally released and is up, running, and serving up the kind of multiplayer shooter action you expect from the masters at Madfinger Games. This is a straight-laced PVP multiplayer shooter where you’ll be racking up kills and capturing flags with a variety of hero characters. Shadowgun War Games beta preview – […]Read More

Capture The Flag tips to win – Shadowgun War Games

1 Know your route Map knowledge is incredibly important in Shadowgun War Gamesm especially in Capture The Flag. The route you take to the enemy flag and back, and the routes your enemies will take, will be similar, and important to memorise. It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with the map at first, just spend the […]Read More

How to win Scramble games easily – Kick-Flight tips, cheats

1 Gathering crystals This will be the main aim of the Scramble game mode, which you’ll be playing primarily until you reach S rank. You’ll start off in an arena, and you’ll use the flight skills you picked up in the tutorial to grab crystals. Luckily, crystals are often lined up in a row, and […]Read More