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Charrua Soccer is a cute, retro football game available now

BATOVI Games Studio’s Charrua Soccer is the latest title to hit Apple Arcade. It’s a fast-paced football game inspired by South America’s Charrúa people who, 500 years ago, were a fierce and unrelenting warrior tribe of Uruguayan, Argentinian, and Brazilian descent. “Today, the term “Garra Charrua” captures their spirit of bravery, determination, and strength, and […]Read More

App Army Assemble: TaniNani – does this cute puzzler offer

TaniNani is a puzzle game all about reuniting the two titular characters Tani and Nani. You do this by swapping around the six tiles that make up each level to guide them back together. It looks interesting, so we asked our App Army to give us their thoughts on how it compares to other puzzle […]Read More

Fetching Furballs is a physics-based puzzler for iOS where you

Fetching Furballs is a physics-based action game from indie developer Daniel Noorduin that sees playing exploring an alien world where they’ll be tasked with rescue fuzzy little creatures by solving various puzzles. It’s available now as a premium title for iOS. Players will take control of a red ship that comes equipped with a useful […]Read More