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GI Show — Outriders Exclusive, Anthem, Mega Community Emails

Welcome to the newest episode of The Game Informer Show aka the Leocast! This week, Leo Vader takes the reins and is joined by Jeff Cork, Joe Juba, and I to chat about why the new third-person shooter Outriders had them buzzing after visiting People Can Fly’s studio in Poland. After dissecting Outrider’s gaming goodness, we […]Read More

Forza Street coming to Android, exclusive to Samsung devices for

Forza Street will soon be hitting the roads of your mobile phones, and Xbox has announced that you can pre-register for the game. Interestingly, the game will initially only be available to owners of Samsung phones.  It will eventually be in the App Store for iPhone users but will be starting out on Android first. […]Read More

Check Out An Exclusive Look At Magic: Legend’s Shiv

If you’ve followed the rest of our Magic: Legends coverage, you’ll know we took a deep dive into Benalia and the Caliogo Morass, from its dark swamps to decadent interiors. Today we’re showing off a different zone – the island of Shiv. Home to the iconic Shivan Dragon, the island sports a multitude of goblins, […]Read More

Exclusive Magic: Legends Gameplay Trailer

We’re kicking off a full month of exclusive coverage with a gameplay trailer you can’t see anywhere else! Check out the video above for your first look at Magic: Legends, coming to PS4, Xbox and PC in 2020. Click the banner below to find our coverage hub, which will fill up throughout the month with exclusive video and […]Read More