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How Judge Dredd: Crime Files set out to be the

Licensed games have, in the past, been given a bad rap. Console players in particular will be familiar with the endless iffy adaptations of beloved franchises. They’re often criticised for feeling rushed or passionless, lacking the care and respect the IP often deserves. Now, mobile is home to countless licensed games, many of which have […]Read More

Knockdown Heroes is a fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer game from the

Prolific mobile games publisher Rogue Games has just launched its latest title, Knockdown Heroes. It’s a free-to-play action game that mixes top-down PvP action with some interesting card collecting elements. Each match is a frantic fight for survival as players go head to head to earn rewards and be crowned victorious. Before heading into battle, […]Read More

Become A DJ In Fuser, A New Game From The

The trailer above gives you a little taste of the vibe developer Harmonix and publisher NCSoft are trying to achieve in Harmonix’s new music-mixing game, Fuser. The video below shows you a small sliver of gameplay. As you can see, you suit up as a DJ and are tasked to blend songs in realtime into something […]Read More

Red and Blue’s latest dev blog discusses the game board

Red and Blue co-developers Brilliant Games and Hex Entertainment announced several details about the card’s attributes last week. Today, they’re teasing more about their upcoming game by discussing game board itself. Referred to as the battlefield the board won’t throw up to many surprises for anyone who’s played a few card games in their life. […]Read More

A new Marvel game from Netmarble and Marvel Games will

Netmarble and Marvel Games are set to announce an all-new Marvel game at PAX East 2020. It will be officially revealed during their hour-long Marvel Mystery Panel on March 1st at 3:30 pm ET. “For five years, more than 120 million players around the world have battled to prevent a dangerous era from dawning in […]Read More

Dish Life: The Game, available now for iOS and Android,

The newly released Dish Life: The Game is described as “part Sims, part Tamagotchi”. It sees you starting out as an undergraduate student, gradually rising through the scientific ranks to become a professor. You’ll do this while helping your colleagues and managing the day-to-day running of your lab. It ultimately aims to showcase the laboratory […]Read More

Repulsive, a stylish hoverboarding game from the minds behind Raster

With a name like Repulsive, you’d be forgiven for expecting Punk Labs’ latest to be some nasty, repellent horror game. Quite the opposite, actually: it’s a super promising freeroamer where you’ll perform all manner of boastworthy tricks on a gravity-defying hoverboard. You’ll explore a dystopian playground packed full of opportunities for ludicrous stunts and maybe […]Read More

Trüberbrook, btf’s gorgeous and mysterious adventure game, is heading for

Trüberbrook, developer btf’s point-and-click adventure game, is making its way to iOS and Android after launching first for PC and consoles early last year. Set in 1967 in the small German village of Trüberbrook, it follows the story of quantum mechanics student Hans Tannhauser as he bumbles about town, meets the locals, and gradually uncovers […]Read More