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Trüberbrook, btf’s gorgeous and mysterious adventure game, is heading for

Trüberbrook, developer btf’s point-and-click adventure game, is making its way to iOS and Android after launching first for PC and consoles early last year. Set in 1967 in the small German village of Trüberbrook, it follows the story of quantum mechanics student Hans Tannhauser as he bumbles about town, meets the locals, and gradually uncovers […]Read More

inbento, the excellent food-themed puzzle game, will be heading for

Afterburn, the team behind the excellent Golf Peaks, also released another stellar title last year called inbento that released on iOS and Android in September last year. Now they’ll be bringing their zen puzzler over to the Nintendo Switch on March 12th. If you’re unfamiliar with inbento, it’s a food-themed puzzle game where you’ll have […]Read More

KOONGYA Draw Party is a drawing-based quiz game from Netmarble

KOONGYA Draw Party is a social quiz game from Netmarble where players are tasked with drawing a picture whilst everyone else has to guess what it is as quickly as possible. It will be heading for both iOS and Android on 26th March. It’s very similar in concept to games like skribbl.io and it was […]Read More

Incredible Mandy is a pretty adventure puzzler heading for iOS

Dotoyou Games’ Incredible Mandy is an emotional adventure game that sees you exploring the vivid, fantastical memories of a brother and sister duo. You’ll take on bosses and solve puzzles through eight varied and distinct levels, each offering their own puzzle types and challenges. After launching for Nintendo Switch late last year, the game is […]Read More

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 will be

The Olympics are happening this year, which means we need tie-in games or the whole event might as well be cancelled. Thankfully, Sega is on hand to provide us with one, Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 will be available for both iOS and Android on 7th May. Dr. Eggman has taken over […]Read More

Eri’s Forest is a beautiful looking tower defence game that’s

Eri’s Forest is an upcoming tower defense game from Australian developers Studio Qinoko. It is set to release for both iOS and Android on 28th February, so not too long wait if you’re a fan of tactically defending towers. Unsurprisingly set in an ancient forest, you’ll have to defend its trees from a mysterious entity […]Read More

Hue, the colour-hopping puzzler, heading to iOS and Android in

Hue, Fiddlesticks Games’ acclaimed, colour-hopping puzzler, is set to hit iOS and Android on April 23rd. The news was first reported on by Touch, Tap, Play. Set in a monochrome world, you play as young Hue, a little guy searching for his mother who one day just up and vanished. By collecting shards of a […]Read More

Another Eden, WFS’ popular JRPG, will be heading to 29

Another Eden, WFS’ popular JRPG, celebrated its 1-year anniversary recently and they’ve now announced that it will soon be heading to 29 countries, bring the total to 71. To celebrate there is currently a campaign running called “Another Eden 2020 World Tour”. Additional countries in South Asia, Centra and South America, Europe and Africa will […]Read More

Early Worm is a physics-based puzzle platformer from Oddrok heading

As reported by TouchArcade, Oddrok’s latest game Early Worm will be available for iOS devices on 6th February. You might be familiar with any number of Oddrok’s previous games, the Finnish developers enjoy experimenting with different genres. Whether that’s hover-boarding in Power Hover or tackling puzzles in Drop Not, they always aim to make something […]Read More