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Respawnables Heroes, a fast-paced, mobile-friendly hero shooter, blasts off on

Respawnables Heroes, Digital Legends’ follow-up to its hit third-person shooter, has now launched for iOS. It’s said to be a genre-defining hero shooter in the colourful, fast-paced vein of Blizzard’s Overwatch. As you might expect, each playable character comes with their own unique abilities and gear to master. The 4v4 matches demand synergistic use of […]Read More

Overwatch Begins Banning Heroes In Competitive Play

Overwatch’s 21st season of Competitive Play kicks off today with four popular heroes on the bench. Hanzo, Mei, Orisa, and Baptiste will begin the season blocked off to players. If one of these heroes is your main, you’ll have to find someone else to play as for a week. This is Blizzard’s first attempt to […]Read More

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode gets new minions and dragon heroes

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode is receiving a fresh update with some new minions to add to your collection. And guess what? You’ll also have a chance to snatch up some dragons to really bolster things with their fiery abilities.  In total, there will be a whopping seven different dragon heroes for you to get in this […]Read More

Knockdown Heroes is a fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer game from the

Prolific mobile games publisher Rogue Games has just launched its latest title, Knockdown Heroes. It’s a free-to-play action game that mixes top-down PvP action with some interesting card collecting elements. Each match is a frantic fight for survival as players go head to head to earn rewards and be crowned victorious. Before heading into battle, […]Read More

5 reasons to play Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate

Machine Zone has a few mega hits under its belt already, including Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The company’s most recent game is a strategy MMORPG set in the besieged world of Horizon – a place you’re tasked with saving (with a little help from friends). […]Read More

Everything you need to know about epic RPG Crystalborne: Heroes

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is an epic RPG from Machine Zone Inc, and it’s currently available for iPhones and Androids everywhere. The game is all about rescuing, discovering, and uncovering mysteries of an alien race.  Your epic journey takes place in Horizon, a land of history and wonder. There are legendary heroes locked away within crystals […]Read More

Lazara Battle Heroes, an idle fantasy RPG with gritty, comic-book

Lazara Battle Heroes, a gritty looking idle RPG from Gadgets Gaming is available now for Android. It features a deep campaign mode, as well as some interesting subversions of the usual hero-collection genre. Where in most idle games the combat is dressed up as another format, or wholly automated, Lazara Battle Heroes attempts to retain […]Read More

Merchant Heroes is a sequel to the popular idle RPG

Five years ago Retora Game Studios released a game called Merchant, an idle RPG where players take on the role of a shopkeeper. It proved to be incredibly popular, racking up over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Now Retora is working on a sequel called Merchant Heroes that’s available in Early Access for Android […]Read More