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NBA 2K Mobile adds a powerful new Sixth Man set

NBA 2K Mobile has now added a powerful Sixth Man set for players to collect. The set includes some of the best Sixth Men in the NBA, both past and present, from various teams across the league.  One of the big headliners of the set is rising star, Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets. He’s […]Read More

Tubetastic: World Splashfest bumps onto mobile devices this year

Developer Chris Goodwin has announced that Tubetastic: World Splashfest is coming to mobile devices in the near future. The game has been playable on Steam in Early Access, but this is the first time the game will be available on mobile.  The game is essentially about shooting at each other from tubes in the ocean […]Read More

Nifty Games to create NBA game for mobile

Nifty Games has announced a partnership with the NBA and the NBAPA that will allow them to make a basketball game for mobile devices. The game is planned to release sometime later this year, but there’s currently no concrete date in place yet.  With the license, they will be able to create a full NBA […]Read More

Black Desert Mobile introduces its latest world boss, a ferocious

Black Desert Mobile’s latest world boss is not to be messed with. Nouver is a ferocious dragon who rules over the desert, and intrepid adventurers with a death wish can take this behemoth on right now thanks to today’s free content update. Before you even get close to Nouver, you’re going to have to brave […]Read More

Five co-op mobile games to play with your partner on

Minecraft Minecraft is perfect. Not only is it finally at that magical time in it’s lifecycle where it is managing to be both nostalgic and relevant, but it’s the perfect game to use to introduce people to gaming. Get this: there you are, cuddled up next to your significant other under a blanket, Minecraft playing […]Read More

Is the Love Island TV show faithful to the mobile

Concept The concept is pretty much exactly the same. When I first heard the words “Love Island” I thought it was more Bear Grylls but with someone you’re trying to flirt with surviving a harsh beach, but instead, it’s actually a fairly expensive looking resort scenario, and I’m pretty sure they’re getting fresh food and […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile now has new weapons available in

Call of Duty Mobile has had its credit store updated with new items to choose from. As you’ll likely know, its seen quite a few major updates to the shops over the last few months – and this one seems to have a blend of items.  Firstly, you have some new guns that you can […]Read More

Is 2020 the year that misleading mobile game advertising is

After 2019 saw the Loot Boxes as Gambling argument shift into a new gear. Could 2020 be the year that we start to see a push back against misleading mobile game adverts? It’s been almost a decade (2011) since the bulk of App Store revenue shifted from premium to free-to-play, and with that big ol’ […]Read More

Scythe: Digital Edition coming soon to mobile, iOS beta starts

The Scythe: Digital Edition will be making its way to mobile devices, having gained popularity in the world of board games and PC gaming, publishers Asmodee Digital have announced. And luckily for you, there’s a beta for the game for you to jump in on the action before it’s live. It should play similarly to […]Read More

Is Dragon Raja the best looking game on mobile? –

There’s something about Dragon Raja which convinces me that it just shouldn’t work. I’ve played a fair few mobile MMOs, multiplayer shooters, and plenty of other Unreal Engine 4 games on mobile. None of them looked as polished or as impressive as Dragon Raja does at times. Admittedly, it is far from a flawless experience, […]Read More