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Black Desert Mobile’s Field of Valour makes its triumphant return

Black Desert Mobile’s Field of Valour is back for a limited time only. It sees intrepid adventurers entering into a gruelling 30-minute battle as a party of five guild members or friends. In order to gain entry to the battlefield, you’ll first need to earn and spend some tokens of valour. These can most easily […]Read More

RuneScape Mobile’s hotly anticipated Archaeology skill is now available

Today marks the launch of RuneScape’s 28th skill: Archaeology. First announced back at RuneFest in October of last year, Archaeology looks to be a massive addition to the already content-packed MMO, kicking off a major storyline and offering all-new ways to play. It’s said to be the most powerful skill in the game’s 19-year history, […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile’s next season is just around the

Call of Duty Mobile’s latest community update discusses a new map, game modes and the upcoming season that will begin at the start of April. There’s a lot of info to get through so let’s jump straight into it. Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile’s Ranked Mode will start April 1st and run until […]Read More

Black Desert Mobile’s all-powerful Dark Knight class has arrived

Great news today for fans of Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss’ hit MMO. The long-awaited Dark Knight class is now available in the global version of the game, allowing players to test out one of Black Desert’s most popular characters. She’s a high-damage class that mixes heavy two-handed Kriegsmesser strikes with a vast array of […]Read More

NBA Live Mobile’s Pot of Gold update is out now

NBA Live Mobile has unleashed its latest update and it includes some shiny new cards for you to earn. As speculated, the theme that was teased last week ties into St. Patrick’s Day. However, it also relates to the Boston Celtics. It’s called “Pot of Gold”, and it allows you to add some powerful cards to […]Read More

NBA 2K Mobile’s Rainmakers theme launching March 11th

NBA 2K Mobile has revealed its latest update after teasing an in-game image of NBA great Ray Allen preparing to release a shot. Well, it turns out that this new theme is dedicated to the art of the three-point shot, which has become an immensely critical part of today’s basketball. This, in huge part, is […]Read More

Black Desert Mobile’s World Boss Season 2 begins and Dark

Black Desert Mobile’s World Boss Season 2 has now begun. It sees the arrival of more challenging variants of the game’s toughest bosses, including Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka, demanding that you play to the very best of your abilities. As you might expect, the rewards for the added risk are much improved, with higher-grade gear […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile’s latest game mode addition sees Hardpoint

Call of Duty Mobile has just lost a beloved game mode in Zombies, but also added some new things such as a map, and the legendary character John “Soap” MacTavish. Now, another popular addition returns in Hardpoint, a long time game mode that is fans are very familiar with. If you follow Esports and have […]Read More