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What is the Battle Villa? Everything you need to know

The Battle Villa will be arriving soon, the new piece of singleplayer content for Pokemon Masters that’s been mentioned several times since November last year. Now the wait is almost over and we’ve got all the details on the latest mode. What is the Battle Villa? The Battle Villa is a new single-player mode for […]Read More

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode gets new minions and dragon heroes

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode is receiving a fresh update with some new minions to add to your collection. And guess what? You’ll also have a chance to snatch up some dragons to really bolster things with their fiery abilities.  In total, there will be a whopping seven different dragon heroes for you to get in this […]Read More

Overwatch Ditches A Tank In First Experimental Mode Test

If you are a Competitive mode player and you want to suit up as a DPS hero, you know you have some time to kill, as a match likely won’t be found for five to ten minutes. While it’s nice that Blizzard added the ability to practice or play deathmatch as you wait, the real […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile’s latest update brings back Rapid Fire

Call of Duty Mobile is getting a nice new update that brings back an old fan-favourite. By popular demand, Rapid Fire Mode returns to the game for a limited time only. If you haven’t played Rapid Fire Mode then there’s a good chance that you’ll like it a lot. It’s all about causing destruction and […]Read More

Boxing Star’s exciting Fight Club Battle mode is now available

FourtThirtyThree Inc. has now announced its new Fight Club Battle mode which allows you to assemble your club and rise through the ranks. Once you create your club, you can match yourself up against other clubs for Boxing Star world domination.  When you get matched with your opponent, you’ll be ready to dance. However, it would […]Read More

Golden Tee Mobile’s latest update adds a Head to Head

Golden Tee Mobile receives a big update that now includes multiplayer, IT Games announced. For the first time, you’ll be able to tee it up against other players in the new Head to Head mode. Normally, you’d challenge yourself, and the golf course with the campaign mode among other things. The Daily 9 is another […]Read More

LEGO Hidden Side launches spooktacular new sets and a neat

LEGO Hidden Side continues to be one of the best blends of AR gameplay and physical toys on the market today. Now, a new line of spooktacular sets has arrived for avid collectors and LEGO enthusiasts to hop on. The highlights include Haunted Fairground and Lighthouse of Darkness – the two largest sets – but […]Read More