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Pascal’s Wager, the ambitious 3D soulslike, is out now for

Pascal’s Wager, the ambitious 3D soulslike built from the ground up for mobile, is now available for purchase a day ahead of its planned iOS launch. If the term “soulslike” means nothing to you, I can instead tell you that Pascal’s Wager is a hard-as-nails third-person RPG that sees you exploring a Lovecraftian world of […]Read More

Pascal’s Wager cheats, tips – Beginner tips to start like

1 Emphasis on the fight As with most Soulslike games, your primary focus should be on the battle ahead. The fights are one of the core parts of the experience, just as important as moving through levels and exploring, and it’s no different here in Pascal’s Wager as it is in any other Soulslike. It’s […]Read More

Pascal’s Wager cheats, tips – Essential combat tips for Soulslike

On mobile, we always want to see bigger, bolder games, that are more comparable to their console contemporaries. After all, mobile is just as big and as influential a platform as console at this point, and there shouldn’t be a huge disparity between them. And this is exactly why we’re excited about Pascal’s Wager, a […]Read More