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Pokemon Masters cheats, tips – How to beat Battle Villa

There are 3 types of Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters and they all play a role in the Battle Villa, you don’t want to take three damage dealers and assume that will be enough to overwhelm your opponents. It’s important they’re accompanied by tanks, supports and buffers to facilitate what they do best. Strikers A […]Read More

You’ll Soon Be Able To Compete In Pokémon Go Raid

Niantic continues to alter Pokémon Go to accommodate trainers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new blog post today, Niantic says its mission has been to “help people get outside, exercise, and explore the world, with the ultimate goal of helping people connect with others.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Niantic is adapting its […]Read More

Pokemon Masters adds two new Sync Pairs from Team Skull

The latest update for Pokemon Masters brings not one but two new Sync Pairs to Pasio. The two trainers are Guzma and Plumeria who are both members of Team Skull, hailing from the Alola region. To coincide with their arrival in the game there’s also a Story Event and Log-in bonus to accompany their release. […]Read More

Pokémon Go’s St. Louis Event Was Supposed To Be This

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this weekend’s Pokémon Go Safari Zone event in St. Louis has been postponed indefinitely. People who held onto their tickets can have the event unfold from the safety of their own homes. During the original event hours, Niantic is activating the encounters and Special Research that would have only been available […]Read More

Trainers Can Now Take On Pokémon Go’s Paid Genesect Research

Niantic has made changes to Pokémon Go to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic – including numerous ways to keep people from gathering in one location – and the latest paid challenge reflects this. I’m beginning my quest and I’m having no problem working through the goals from my home. If players purchase the $7.99 ticket […]Read More

Pokémon Go Makes Changes For The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular social gaming experiences out there, but it now needs to scale back the social interactions as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Last night, developer Niantic issued a statement that addresses the outbreak, and what players can expect from Pokémon Go. The message states that “the […]Read More

Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League will kick off its first

It seems Pokemon Go news didn’t end with Abra’s Community Day. Now Niantic has unveiled that Season 1 of Pokemon Go’s competitive Go Battle League will commence on March 13th. On that day, players will be able to begin testing their skills against other trainers from across the globe. The Battle League has already been […]Read More

Pokemon Masters sees the return of the Lurking Shadow Event

Pokemon Masters received a whole host of new content last week with the addition of the Battle Villa and a plethora of other Story Events and new Sync Pairs. Today we see the return of the Lurking Shadow Legendary Event alongside a new type-specific Training Event. Lurking Shadow originally ran last December, giving players an […]Read More

Pokémon Go’s Battle League Kicks Off March 13 With Legendary

You may already have hundreds of fights under your belt, but Pokémon Go’s Battle League was only in its preseason. The official start to the Battle League kicks off on Friday, March 13 at 1 p.m. PDT. This first season of play allows you to complete seven sets of battles a day (meaning you can […]Read More

Pokemon Go’s next Community Day will focus on Abra whilst

Niantic has unveiled the details for March’s Community Day which will feature Abra. There’s also been an update to Team GO Rocket’s Shadow Pokemon’s attacks and potential movesets. This month’s Community Day will take place on March 15th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in the northern hemisphere, whilst it’ll run from 3:00 pm to […]Read More