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One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!, the match-3 puzzler based on

We first covered One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! at the start of February this year, where it had no concrete release date at the time. It turns out it wasn’t too far away at all because the game is now available to download for both iOS and Android. If you’ve not heard of One Piece […]Read More

HoloVista is a gorgeous narrative-driven puzzler where you’ll explore an

After missing the announcement of developer Aconite’s debut title, HoloVista, late last year, I feel compelled today to bring you news of its existence – mostly because it looks pretty darn cool. It’s a story-driven puzzler in which you’ll explore a strange mansion packed full of secrets. You play as Carmen, a young artist tasked […]Read More

Path to Mnemosyne is a trippy and eerily hypnotic puzzler

Devilish Games’ Path to Mnemosyne is a trippy and eerily hypnotic puzzler that takes place along a seemingly infinite, unexplainable pathway. Unlike any other game I can think of, Path to Mnemosyne uses an infinite camera zoom to create a strange and distinctive visual effect. Everything here feels very off, not least because of the […]Read More

Angry Birds Casual, a back-to-basics physics-based puzzler, has now soft

Angry Birds Casual, Rovio’s back-to-basics puzzler, has quietly soft-launched. It aims to offer an easy-to-learn experience that strips away some of the complexity of the more recent entries in the incredibly popular Angry Birds series. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzler that […]Read More

Seven Scrolls is a stylish roguelike puzzler with an inventive

Seven Scrolls, the latest title from indie developer Jesse Venbrux, is a tricky roguelike – or perhaps a broughlike – inspired by the games of Michael Brough. The basic premise is that you’re challenged to explore a series of small, monster-filled levels in search of a key to unlock the next floor. Said monsters are […]Read More

Path to Mnemosyne is a wildly inventive puzzler coming to

Path to Mnemosyne is one of the more thought-provoking indie games out there, and it’s coming to your mobile device soon, as we originally reported on earlier this month. The game is essentially about a little girl solving puzzles to recover lost memories.  It features a unique black & white visual presentation that really stands […]Read More

Satisfy your yearning for a simpler time with Superbox’s new

Classic Blast is the latest colour matching game from Superbox and it’s out now for both iOS and Android. It features a retro-styled theme that’s inspired by objects from the 1970s and 80s that helps it stand out from the crowd of cutesy characters normally found in the genre. Instead, there will be jukeboxes, radios, […]Read More

Incredible Mandy is a pretty adventure puzzler heading for iOS

Dotoyou Games’ Incredible Mandy is an emotional adventure game that sees you exploring the vivid, fantastical memories of a brother and sister duo. You’ll take on bosses and solve puzzles through eight varied and distinct levels, each offering their own puzzle types and challenges. After launching for Nintendo Switch late last year, the game is […]Read More

Veritas, the Myst-inspired adventure puzzler, creeps onto iOS and Android

Creepy, isolated science facilities – whether situated on land, in space, or at the bottom of the sea – are among my favourite video game settings, especially when they’re as creepy and foreboding as Veritas’. If you missed our coverage of it from back in October of last year, Veritas is developer Glitch Games’ spiritual […]Read More

Hue, the colour-hopping puzzler, heading to iOS and Android in

Hue, Fiddlesticks Games’ acclaimed, colour-hopping puzzler, is set to hit iOS and Android on April 23rd. The news was first reported on by Touch, Tap, Play. Set in a monochrome world, you play as young Hue, a little guy searching for his mother who one day just up and vanished. By collecting shards of a […]Read More