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Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing Review – Strapping In For A

Dirt racing has value for developer Monster Games. Since it hasn’t always been included in the studio’s titles through the years, fans have demanded it. Dirt racing also has cred. Many famous drivers got their starts on dirt, tearing it up at local tracks throughout the country on a Friday night. So, it makes sense […]Read More

Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Review

We are often asked for television recommendations, and it’s getting harder to justify why someone should spend big bucks on a major brand in India. There was a time when the best features and performance were strictly the domain of premium TVs, but the budget segment has since defied such expectations. Today, many brands offer […]Read More

We Review Amazon’s Best Selling Monitor: the Acer SB220Q 21.5″

We went out looking for Amazon’s most popular monitor and what we discovered was Acer’s SB220Q 1080p 75Hz IPS display. This monitor tops both the best selling and the most wished for monitors list, so that’d seem to indicate not only are customers buying this monitor, but they actually want it in significant numbers. Another […]Read More

Luna: The Shadow Dust Review – A Beguiling Beauty

Luna: The Shadow Dust is visually enthralling. The opening sequence shows a boy falling from the sky and entering a twisted tower that is both exotic and magical thanks to a gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic. Luna looks like a picture book come to life, and its world is so warm and inviting that I want to […]Read More

Kunai Review – Swinging Low

Metroid has inspired countless games, and they all balance aspects of the classic formula differently. Some are focused on the thrill of exploring sprawling maps, while others emphasize an arsenal of creative weapons. Kunai includes those elements to a degree, but its main priority is mobility. As a tablet-faced robot, you use the titular kunai […]Read More

AO Tennis 2 Review – Too Many Unforced Errors

Flow is important in tennis, but it’s hard to get in the groove in AO Tennis 2. Rough spots in the gameplay, including wonky animations and that dreaded feeling that some outcomes are pre-determined, undermine a game that nevertheless includes an admirable career mode. It’s not a loss in straight sets, but it’s a defeat […]Read More

Legends of Runeterra Review – Colorful Card Combat

The free-to-play digital card game space is a constant battle for discovery and long-term viability. With Legends of Runeterra, Riot is entering a battlefield filled with numerous competitors. An amalgamation of parts constructed from bits of Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent, and even Valve’s Artifact, it’s a carefully crafted recipe bursting with League of Legends flavor […]Read More

7th Sector Review – A Puzzler With A Spark

A television set comes to life, static filling its screen. Within the noise, you can barely make out a humanoid figure. Moving the analog stick makes this faint specter move, but it’s trapped in this small box with no clear objective or interaction point. This is 7th Sector’s first puzzle, and it’s a bit of […]Read More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Review

Samsung is still generally considered king of the hill when it comes to flagship Android smartphones, and its diverse portfolio of recent budget offerings seems to have helped its mobile business maintain steady growth. While the company now seems to have a handle on the budget and high-end segments of the smartphone market, in India, […]Read More

AMD Threadripper 3990X Review: Absolute Madness!

Today we’re looking at the most expensive desktop CPU to ever exist, and shockingly it’s not from Intel. The special ocassion made us think of an Intel processor that we were quite fond of once, the Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X, which happened to be the first 10-core desktop CPU when it was released in 2016. Full […]Read More