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Dragon Quest is a great gacha RPG with an annoying

Dragon Quest is a series that is only achieving more and more popularity these days, bolstered by the Hero’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, along with the critical acclaim of Dragon Quest XI, so it seems like the perfect time to launch a mobile game – that has already been popular in Japan for […]Read More

Xross Chronicle is a new Yokai-themed gacha RPG for iOS

Xross Chronicle is the latest title to emerge from Floppygames and it’s based on the developer’s previous game Phantom Chaser. This new hero collecting RPG is available now for both iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play game. Xross Chronicle was originally released in Japan back in October of last year, before finally making its […]Read More

Wasco is a retro-inspired RPG with a sci-fi aesthetic that’s

Wasco is a retro-inspired sci-fi RPG from Gray Lake Studios that’s set in a cyberpunk universe. It’s available for both iOS and Android as a premium game now. It follows the journey of the titular Wasco, a waste-collecting robot who resides on a planet made entirely of junk. It promises to be an hour-long experience […]Read More

Crystalborne is a gorgeous turn-based RPG with deep social mechanics

RPGs on the scale of Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate don’t come along often enough on mobile. It tells the epic tale of Odette, a young woman spearheading a large-scale revolution against the tyrannical General Kaine. Odette is no ordinary hero, though, she’s the Crystal Breaker, a being perhaps powerful enough to stop the impending arrival […]Read More

Everything you need to know about epic RPG Crystalborne: Heroes

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is an epic RPG from Machine Zone Inc, and it’s currently available for iPhones and Androids everywhere. The game is all about rescuing, discovering, and uncovering mysteries of an alien race.  Your epic journey takes place in Horizon, a land of history and wonder. There are legendary heroes locked away within crystals […]Read More

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a card-based RPG for iOS

Square Enix has finally provided further details on its much-discussed Kingdom Hearts mobile game, previously known as ‘Project Xehanort’. We now know that the final title is Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and that the game is set to launch this spring for iOS and Android. Interestingly, it’s being tacked onto the pre-existing Kingdom Hearts Union […]Read More