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How to play Charrua Soccer with friends on Mac, iPad,

Charrua Soccer recently got added to the ever-growing list of Apple Arcade games, which should be great news for football fans. Charrua Soccer offers a simple, yet incredibly enjoyable game of football which should satisfy those looking for a mobile Fifa to take with them wherever they go. The best news about Charrua Soccer is […]Read More

Charrua Soccer is a cute, retro football game available now

BATOVI Games Studio’s Charrua Soccer is the latest title to hit Apple Arcade. It’s a fast-paced football game inspired by South America’s Charrúa people who, 500 years ago, were a fierce and unrelenting warrior tribe of Uruguayan, Argentinian, and Brazilian descent. “Today, the term “Garra Charrua” captures their spirit of bravery, determination, and strength, and […]Read More

An interview with Jon Hare on Sociable Soccer, Apple Arcade,

Game developer Jon Hare has had a long and storied career crafting acclaimed games across a great many genres. Best known for his sports titles, he’s now working alongside his team at Tower Studios and Combo Breaker on the newly released Sociable Soccer. Last week at Pocket Gamer Connects London, we sat down to discuss how the […]Read More

Retro Bowl is a new American football sim for iOS

New Star Games, the folks behind the excellent New Star Soccer, have decided to tackle American football in their latest game, Retro Bowl. They’ve said it draws a lot of inspiration from Tecmo games of the ’80s and ’90s. It’s available now for both iOS and Android. Players will take control of their favourite NFL […]Read More