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Beginner tips to shred through the snow – Summer Catchers

1 Dashing through the snow This is essentially an auto-runner, your bike will dash through the snow at a fairly quick speed, and you’ll activate your tools in order to avoid and protect from a variety of obstacles. Simple stuff, really. As you travel you’ll pick up mushrooms automatically, which is great, as you’ll need […]Read More

Battle League Basic VS Premium Rewards, details – Pokémon GO

The cost Right, here’s big thing. The Basic Rewards allow you to battle completely free, and you can slay some opponents and come away with a bunch of free stuff for each win you get out of five. There are a big variety of rewards, including… Rare Candy Stardust Pokémon encounter TMs Random items The […]Read More

Every character explained – Shadowgun War Games cheats, tips

Slade Slade is a consistent, excellent starter character that should mop up enemies in Team Deathmatch, and can come out on top in pretty much any 1v1 situation, as long as you play your cards right. Slade doesn’t have the highest damage output thanks to his weapons, but his grenade ability allows you to put […]Read More

Essential TDM tips to win – Shadowgun War Games cheats,

Shadowgun War Games has finally released and is up, running, and serving up the kind of multiplayer shooter action you expect from the masters at Madfinger Games. This is a straight-laced PVP multiplayer shooter where you’ll be racking up kills and capturing flags with a variety of hero characters. Shadowgun War Games beta preview – […]Read More

Capture The Flag tips to win – Shadowgun War Games

1 Know your route Map knowledge is incredibly important in Shadowgun War Gamesm especially in Capture The Flag. The route you take to the enemy flag and back, and the routes your enemies will take, will be similar, and important to memorise. It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with the map at first, just spend the […]Read More

How to win Scramble games easily – Kick-Flight tips, cheats

1 Gathering crystals This will be the main aim of the Scramble game mode, which you’ll be playing primarily until you reach S rank. You’ll start off in an arena, and you’ll use the flight skills you picked up in the tutorial to grab crystals. Luckily, crystals are often lined up in a row, and […]Read More

Important tips to collect every star – Dadish cheats, tips

1 Cute double jumps Dadish, that is the dad radish himself, not the game, has a double jump, which as his child exclaims, is very impressive indeed. Not many people outside of video games can jump whilst mid-air. It’s a very simple little movement for the little radish, but will quickly become entirely essential to […]Read More

Inbento tips, cheats – How to master recipes and uncover

Afterburn’s inbento is a polished, inventive, food-themed puzzler that sees you crafting dinky packed lunches inspired by bento cuisine. But don’t let its cute art style and heartfelt story fool you; this one is no pushover when it comes to its brain-teasing puzzles. Each puzzle presents you with a bento box, a cutting board full […]Read More

Tips for Living Alone with Early-Stage Dementia

Learn about ways to cope with changes, prepare for the future, and stay active. Have you been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, or a frontotemporal disorder and live alone? Or, do you have mild cognitive impairment (MCI)? If so, these tips are for you. These tips offer ways to help […]Read More