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Fortnite’s Upcoming Season Is Currently All About Gold

Fortnite chapter 2 – season 2 is fast approaching, and Epic Games isn’t wasting time giving players a taste of what to expect. The teases began on Fortnite’s official Twitter feed today with a series of images that embrace the color gold and a February 20 launch date. Players are now noticing that ordinary items within the game world […]Read More

DoomCar is an upcoming Mad Max-style, post-apocalyptic idle RPG for

Yoozoo Games has announced the next title they’ll be adding to their already sizeable roster and this time around it’s something a little different compared to their usual fare, at least in theme. DoomCar is a post-apocalyptic idle RPG where you’ll assemble a team of Mad Max-like war cars. It will be heading for both […]Read More

Don Zombie is an upcoming zombie slaying, side-scrolling shooter for

No Six Five has announced that their next game, Don Zombie, is available to pre-order now for both iOS and Android. The game is set to release on 11th March and will see players gunning down numerous zombies in some side-scrolling action. Naturally, there’s been some kind of infection that’s turned most of the population […]Read More

Rumble Stars’ latest update video showcases new balls, bug fixes

Frogmind Studios released one of their periodic videos yesterday detailing some of the upcoming changes heading to Rumble Stars Soccer. Most notably, they’ve decided not to release a new Rumbler with this update and are instead focusing on fixing bugs and adding new gameplay elements. The most exciting of these changes is that two new […]Read More

Quadracade is an upcoming arcade game for iOS that challenges

Quadracade is an upcoming arcade game from solo developer Kieran Haden. The twist is that you’ll actually be playing four games at the same time. It will be available for iOS devices on 20th February. It’s certainly an interesting concept and Haden believes this will lead to some fast and frantic gameplay that players will […]Read More

Book of Demons: Tablet Edition is an upcoming deck-builder/hack and

Book of Demons is a hack and slash title with deck-building elements that originally left Early Access on PC in 2018. Today, developers Thing Trunk have announced it will be heading for iPad on 13th February where it will be called Book of Demons: Tablet Edition. If you’re unfamiliar with Book of Demons, it’s a […]Read More

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is an upcoming match-3 puzzler

As reported by GamerBraves, One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is an upcoming match 3 puzzle game based on the popular anime series. There’s no word on a specific release date just yet, though the game will arrive for both iOS and Android when it does eventually release some time in 2020. The game has been […]Read More