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Becoming Bytes™ is an upcoming monster-raising and battling game for

Becoming Bytes™ is an exciting free-to-play monster-raising game from Singapore indie developer – Chariots Gaming. The game has recently soft launched for both iOS and Android meaning you can get to raising and battling your digital pets right now. Once you’ve started the game, you’ll be given your first Byte monster who you can feed, […]Read More

Vanguard ZERO is an upcoming card battler that’s heading for

Vanguard ZERO is an upcoming card-battling RPG that’s based on the anime Cardfight!! Vanguard. Players can look forward to a variety of game modes that encompass both solo and online play. It will be heading for both iOS and Android devices on April 9th. For fans of singleplayer, there will be a Story mode where […]Read More

The Big Indie Pitch revisited: past and present winners and

1 Esports King by Agate Event: GDC 2018Genre: Management simFinish: Runner-up GDC 2018 saw an impressive lineup of pitches during our sixth trip to Silicon Valley. Among the entries included a very slick, esports management sim called Esports King, which would share runner-up honours spot with the extremely innovative, physics-based puzzler, Tiny-Bubbles. What our judges […]Read More

Vainglory All Stars is an upcoming 3v3 multiplayer game for

Super Evil Mega Corp, the company behind the popular Vainglory, recently started a new, fledgeling studio called Bazooka Tango. The team there will be working on a game set in the Vainglory universe that will be heading for both iOS and Android at some stage. It’s called Vainglory All Stars. This news was first spotted […]Read More

Dino Squad is an upcoming 6v6 multiplayer shooter for iOS

Nothing quite has the ability to grab my attention like the promise of dinosaurs armed to the teeth with an array of guns. It’s for that reason that Pixonic’s upcoming multiplayer shooter, Dino Squad is now firmly on my radar. It’ll be heading for iOS and Android on 29th April. The game was inspired by […]Read More

Red and Blue’s latest dev blog talks about how Artifacts

Brilliant Games and Hex Entertainment are continuing their weekly tradition of revealing more about their upcoming card game Red and Blue. Last week we took a look at the game board itself whilst before that we discussed the attributes of the cards. Today, we learn all about how Traps and Artifacts function. As we discovered […]Read More

Wild Frontier is an upcoming F2P strategy game for Android

Wild Frontier is a Western-themed RTS from 37Games that’s due to be released tomorrow, on the 3rd March. It will be available for Android devices and you can pre-register for the game now if you’d like. The game has proven to be popular during its various early access periods and pre-registration campaign, reportedly racking up […]Read More

Fortnite’s Upcoming Season Is Currently All About Gold

Fortnite chapter 2 – season 2 is fast approaching, and Epic Games isn’t wasting time giving players a taste of what to expect. The teases began on Fortnite’s official Twitter feed today with a series of images that embrace the color gold and a February 20 launch date. Players are now noticing that ordinary items within the game world […]Read More

DoomCar is an upcoming Mad Max-style, post-apocalyptic idle RPG for

Yoozoo Games has announced the next title they’ll be adding to their already sizeable roster and this time around it’s something a little different compared to their usual fare, at least in theme. DoomCar is a post-apocalyptic idle RPG where you’ll assemble a team of Mad Max-like war cars. It will be heading for both […]Read More