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Black Desert Mobile’s latest update adds the highly anticipated class

Black Desert Mobile’s highly anticipated ascension system has now been added to the game as part of its latest update. Basically, it allows you to unlock devastating new skills for your favourite classes. It’s a handy means of enhancing your characters while still sticking to the same main and sub-weapons as their base class. You’re […]Read More

Dragon Mania Legends’ latest update brings new Ancient Dragons, the

Dragon Mania Legends, Gameloft’s extremely popular dragon breeding sim, has received a sizeable update that sees the return of Dragon Dice mode alongside the addition of four Ancient Metal Dragons. Dragon Dice mode is a board game inspired event that has proven to be popular amongst fans in the past. This time around it has […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile’s latest update brings back Rapid Fire

Call of Duty Mobile is getting a nice new update that brings back an old fan-favourite. By popular demand, Rapid Fire Mode returns to the game for a limited time only. If you haven’t played Rapid Fire Mode then there’s a good chance that you’ll like it a lot. It’s all about causing destruction and […]Read More

Shadow Seven gets a new update in time for its

Shadow Seven has been out for a little while now but it never was a global game, until now that is. Neptune Company announced that the game will now be available worldwide for everyone to enjoy.  If you’re new to Shadow Seven, it’s a strategy game where you’ll pit yourself against other players in PvP […]Read More

Epic Seven gets pet improvements and hero balances in its

Super Creative has an update for its popular RPG, Epic Seven, that includes a handful of improvements. This update took place largely due to the demand from the community, and the folks at Super Creative listened.  You’ll no longer have to rely on currencies when doing repeat battling. This is a refreshing change to see for […]Read More

Overhit gets a new SSR character and tons of goodies

NEXON Company announced that Overhit is receiving a fresh new update, which includes some game-changing additions. As you likely know, the game prides itself on giving you the ability to create the perfect team of characters as part of an RPG experience.  To kick things off, the addition of a new SSR character is exciting. […]Read More

Another Eden’s latest update brings the final chapter of the

Following the announcement that Another Eden would be heading to a further 29 countries last week, there’s now some new story content to enjoy. This comes in the form of the final chapter of the IDA School saga. I always enjoy the naming conventions of Another Eden chapters, they’re always so verbose and a tad […]Read More

Popular strategy game Brown Dust is being rebranded as Brave

Neowiz has today announced that Brown Dust, its popular turn-based strategy game, is soon set to be rebranded. On March 5th, Brown Dust will become Brave Nine, a name said to symbolise the game’s character-based strategy mechanics. Brave Nine will boast the same basic gameplay content as Brown Dust, meaning all you’ll have to do […]Read More