Top 10 Government Approved Direct Selling Entities at India

Updated Provisional List of Direct Selling Entities as on 31.10.2018 which published on the Provisional List of Direct Selling companies listed in The official website of Department of Consumer Affairs by the Government Of India Here’s the list of top 10 Direct Selling Companies, Network Marketing Companies and MLM Companies in India 2018-2019 listed on […]Read More

Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash is out now for iOS and

Spiel Studios’ Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash has now launched for both iOS and Android. The game is a basic, to-the-point tennis experience that is intended to be easy to learn for those new to the genre. In fact, the controls are so straightforward that all you need to use is one hand as opposed to other games […]Read More

Crystalborne is a gorgeous turn-based RPG with deep social mechanics

RPGs on the scale of Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate don’t come along often enough on mobile. It tells the epic tale of Odette, a young woman spearheading a large-scale revolution against the tyrannical General Kaine. Odette is no ordinary hero, though, she’s the Crystal Breaker, a being perhaps powerful enough to stop the impending arrival […]Read More

Pokemon Masters will see the return of the Mewtwo Legendary

Pokemon Masters developers DeNA have announced today that the Mewtwo legendary event will be returning soon with a few adjustments. They’ve also updated the game with a few minor adjustments and quality of life changes. The Legendary Event: Lurking Shadow was originally live back in December last year, with many irked with how it was […]Read More

Respawnables introduces Vin Diesel’s superhero Bloodshot to its roster

Respawnables developer Digital Legends is set to celebrate the launch of Vin Diesel’s upcoming superhero flick, Bloodshot, by bringing the comic book character into the game’s roster. The film, which I admittedly hadn’t heard of until now, is set to release on March 13th in North America. The in-game Bloodshot will retain many of the […]Read More

New Gameplay Today — Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

While there have been other entries in the series since its 2005 release, Devil May Cry 3 remains a fan favorite and thus has received a plethora of different ports throughout the console generations. Now it’s the Nintendo Switch’s turn and we have (mostly) good news for fans of the long-running franchise. Join Joe Juba, Leo Vader, […]Read More

Yacht Club Games Revealing New Stuff Next Week

If you’re like me, you probably go back and play Shovel Knight all the time. It’s pretty fun! But hey, we like new stuff too, so Yacht Club Games is potentially revealing some shiny, fun things next Wednesday at 12 PM EST. The new info is going to be livestreamed on both YouTube and Twitch, so you can […]Read More

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Cindered Shadows Is A Challenging Good

Fire Emblem: Three Houses went big by providing three different perspectives to see its larger story unfold. Now we have one more in the Ashen Wolves, but it comes with its own self-contained story. Cindered Shadows is the final piece of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass, providing the most substantial piece of content […]Read More

Everything you need to know about epic RPG Crystalborne: Heroes

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is an epic RPG from Machine Zone Inc, and it’s currently available for iPhones and Androids everywhere. The game is all about rescuing, discovering, and uncovering mysteries of an alien race.  Your epic journey takes place in Horizon, a land of history and wonder. There are legendary heroes locked away within crystals […]Read More

Choose Our Fate

With the advent of Twitch streams comes a way for chat to influence the game a streamer is playing, and we’re giving you that opportunity today. Join me as I play through a collection of Dead Cells, Clustertruck, and Choice Chamber and try to outwit the GI Community! In order to help change the direction of […]Read More